Joshua Hutt

Executive Summary

Seasoned Principal Software Engineer with over 10 years of experience designing and developing innovative web and mobile apps in React, TypeScript, and Node.js. Proven track record of technical team leadership and building scalable, high-performance distributed systems. Experience in leading and building software engineering teams, driving collaboration across organizations, and mentoring junior developers. Portfolio includes a diverse library of shipped products and tools, including: an AI-driven conversational platform (LivePerson, 2018), a serverless GraphQL development framework (AWS, 2022), a scalable data and analytics pipeline (Coinstar, 2018), a 3D asset management pipeline (Lowe’s, 2021), and interactive data visualizations (Adrianople Group, 2024), among many others. Brings a bias for simplicity, a passion for ease-of-use, and an impulse to iterate to every project.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Full-stack JavaScript / TypeScript application prototyping with Next.js (Node.js & React), React Native, and Electron
  • Multi-cloud architecture with AWS (ECS/EC2, RDS, Lambda, S3, SQS, SNS, API Gateway, Route 53), GCP (GKE, GCS, Cloud SQL)
  • SQL (PostgreSQL, MySQL) and NoSQL (MongoDB, DynamoDB, RethinkDB, ScyllaDB) database administration
  • Experience with C#, Java, and Python
  • Monitoring, analytics and metrics via Elasticsearch (ELK)
  • User-centered UI/UX research, design, and development
  • Leadership experience with Agile and Scrum teams
  • Teaching experience in technical and non-technical fields
  • Mandarin Chinese (Fluent)

Relevant Experience

Principal Software Engineer at Hutt LLC

1/2023 – Present

  • Adrianople Group – Designing and building custom interactive maps and a graph visualization for their research datasets, using Next.js/React, Cytoscape, and Mapbox.
  • Institute for Legislative Analysis – Building a data-driven, white-label platform for issue-based vote scoring for of nearly 500,000 federal and state votes each year, with Next.js and Postgres.
  • Kunai – Leading a team with three developers to modernize Kunai’s marketing website, using Sanity, Gatsby, and React.
  • West Coast NFT – Prototyping a mass-market, consumer-focused onboarding and launch flows for new projects on the ArtLab NFT platform, with Next.js and Thirdweb’s web3 SDK.

Principal Software Engineer at SamCart

6/2022 – 12/2022

  • Led the design and development of Checkouts 2.0, a blazing fast checkout experience built with Next.js, GraphQL, and Node.js.
  • Built the next-generation administrative interface for SamCart Sellers, using Next.js, GraphQL, Node.js, Golang and PHP.
  • Engaged developers in cross-team discussions and workshops focused on collaboratively analyzing and improving the process and practices of software development at SamCart, at the individual and team levels.

Tech Consultant at AWS Professional Services

11/2021 – 2/2022

  • Reviewed and collaborated on the technical design of a next-gen, federated GraphQL platform to replace aging architecture of a well-known retail platform’s back-end services with a modern, consolidated tech stack.
  • Designed and implemented an authentication and authorization mechanism within the platform for service teams to secure and restrict access to their subgraphs, using GraphQL directives.
  • Assisted other developers with design and implementation of various platform components, and thoroughly documented the packaging and deployment processes for the platform.

Lead Software Engineer at Lowe’s Innovation Labs

5/2020 – 11/2021

  • Led a team of five (5) developers develop a 3D asset scanning pipeline management tool to support a key Lowe’s initiative to produce high-resolution 3D models to modernize the catalog on, the Lowe’s app, and other sites.
  • Designed and implemented prototypes for a connected-home data platform for integration with third-party providers and broad consumption by a diverse group of stakeholders, including homeowners, Lowe’s Pros, big brands, and market analysts.
  • Designed, developed, and deployed a single backend platform in Node.js, to seamlessly integrate a suite of 3D design applications to share and enable progressive enhancement of models and scenes as they progress through the workflow.
  • Drove system design and architecture of the 3D asset management tool with key meetings, schema docs, and diagrams.
  • Integrated Lowe’s ForgeRock auth strategy to the Labs, improving the in-store login process for Labs apps by store associates.

Software Development Engineer III at LivePerson

8/2018 – 5/2020

  • Drove the implementation of the CEO’s self-service vision for the platform by leading the efforts for an API Standardization program and by delivering the company’s first zero-touch, trial-to-paid upgrade and onboarding experience for new accounts.
  • Prototyped, architected, built, and shipped Maven – an AI and automation platform – driving big wins for customers, including a multi-service implementation of AI Assist, an AI tool to identify and execute the “next best action” for any customer inquiry.
  • Introduced the Data Science team to the ELK stack, building an initial design of a key feature which quickly became its own product, called Zeitgeist, giving brands deep and far-reaching insight into the behavior and needs of their customers.
  • Built and shipped a “Context Service” at a record pace, with React, Node.js, Couchbase, and Kubernetes, to help fuel the AI engine behind Maven, and to be used by other teams throughout the company to enhance their products and services.
  • Traveled to the Israel offices for knowledge transfer with the platform and infrastructure teams, developed a transition plan for the core messaging platform, and drove technical planning sessions for the modernization efforts of a critical legacy service.
  • Spearheaded developer advocacy and platform improvements through working sessions, standards, and documentation.
  • Coordinated an internal Hackathon for the Seattle office that led to multiple new projects that the business incorporated.
  • Won “most developer-centric” for a hackathon project that transforms how consumers engage with brands via shared context.
  • Recruited, interviewed, and hired the first round of new developers for most of the new teams in the Seattle office.

Senior Software Developer at Elevāt

11/2017 – 4/2018

  • Worked with four developers to scale and enhance a real-time IoT data platform built on AWS, with Node.js and AngularJS.
  • Built a drop-in replacement for the AWS IoT Device Shadow service to dramatically improve performance and load time using a Redis cluster, offering granular control over data seeding and caching on the signal, device, and organization levels.
  • Evaluated and improved the performance of the Redis-based solution with timing benchmarks for the endpoints and methods.
  • Built a rules engine for real-time equipment monitoring, improving observability and enabling preventative maintenance.
  • Migrated unit tests to use Jest, improving speed and reliability, and making writing and maintenance easier for the developers.

Senior Software Developer at Pushpay

2/2017 – 8/2017

  • Joined as the first US developer on Pushpay’s mobile content management platform, interfacing with a team of developers based out of the New Zealand headquarters to maintain and enhance the platform, with Node.js, React, and React Native.
  • Integrated metrics collection into the platform, using StatsD and Librato, providing insight into customer usage and performance, improving customer support and empowering the development team to resolve performance bottlenecks.
  • Automated screenshot collection for platform apps, saving hours of repetitive work and speeding up customer onboarding.

Senior Software Developer at Hutt LLC

1/2016 – 12/2016

  • Coinstar – Turned data into alerts, actionable insights, business reports, using a Node.js ETL and Elasticsearch.
  • Wellsaid Labs – Integrated Auth0 and Stripe, enabling self-service user sign-up and upgrade flows, in Node.js and React.
  • NexTravel – Built a hybrid app for their website, adding push notifications and persistent login with Cordova.
  • Uber – Prototyped apps for a day job dispatch marketplace, using Node.js, React, React Native, and Firebase.
  • CashMap – Built a dynamic, cross-platform personal finance app with in-app purchases, using React Native.
  • Image Marketing Pros – Designed and delivered a barcode logging app in one week, using Node.js and Cordova.
  • Galvanize – Delivered an introductory JavaScript class to ten students over the course of eight weeks.
  • Cadence – Redesigned their onboarding flow and landing page, and integrate Intercom into their site.
  • Apple Leisure Group – Designed and developed components and pages in AEM for over 200 marketing pages.
  • TrueBlue – Built a serverless integration for a third-party vendor, using Node.js, Lambda, and DynamoDB.


University of Washington – Seattle, WA

March 2013

  • BA in International Studies (Minors in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics)
  • Coursework included: Java programming, technical communication, scientific computing, and contingent valuation surveys and environmental research in two of China’s most polluted cities.
  • Named on Dean’s List for outstanding study, both at the UW (2012) and at Sichuan University (2010).
  • Studied in Sichuan, China, traveled independently, and offered English classes in multiple cities (2008-10).
  • Worked in University Machine Shop (2010) and conducted Nanofluidics (2009-10) and Cilia experiments (2007-08).

Additional Skills

  • Enterprise software documentation
  • User-centered process documentation and training
  • Writing and publishing educational/training books
  • Experience with digital marketing
  • Experience with ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)
  • Source control with Git and Team Foundation Server (TFS)
  • Adapting HTML5 content for legacy platforms (WebHelp, IE6)
  • MadCap MadPak Suite & MadCap Flare 10
  • Research, experimental design, and statistical analysis
  • Office 2013 Suite, Visio, Excel, Photoshop and Illustrator

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